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One Ramadan, Many Coffee Corners…

This series of vignettes showcases coffee corners and stylized Ramadan celebrations. With quick and cheeky edits, a symmetrical aesthetic and largely monochrome scenes, we achieve a distinct contemporary tone in each variation on the theme.

Hands are the heroes. Top shots are our friends. Bringing the story in tight keeps the focus on the coffee - the through line throughout the piece.

The hands of our main character, CHARACTER A, are recognizable in every scene as he enjoys a coffee in each setting.

The story runs from Iftar until Suhoor.


The Story

Scene I: Ramadan Street

set Style: Black with lights

CHARACTER A walks through a dark room illuminated only with string lights, creating a Ramadan celebration feel. The string lights in soft focus create white polka dots on a black background, introducing a modern, graphic tone. A tight shot of the lights reveals a crescent, we know this is Ramadan.

We focus on CHARACTER A’s hand carrying a gift as he walks. His hand opens a door.


Scene II: Fashionista & Friends

set Style: Pink


CHARACTER A gestures hello and we see a FASHIONISTA’s hands express a welcome. He exchanges the gift with FASHIONISTA. The FASHIONISTA has a fantastic, super stylish manicure.

They set the gifts down on a countertop next to a Mini Me coffee machine. CHARACTER A unwraps the gift and puts on a watch. FASHIONISTA picks up a freshly-made coffee from the Mini Me machine and sprinkles vanilla bean powder on top. We see the powder fall in slow motion.

We cut to a group of FRIENDS leaning on the coffee bar counter, each with a different coffee in hand. The most noticeable one is the extra foamy and beautiful Vanilla Latte Macchiato with vanilla bean powder on top. All the FRIENDS have stylized hands, but CHARACTER A stands out with his new watch, and FASHIONISTA with the manicure. The FRIENDS bring their coffees in together for a ‘cheers’.


Scene III: Ahlan!

set Style: Turquoise blue

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 17.24.21.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 19.55.40.png

We hear an EMIRATI MAN say “Ahlan!”.

CHARACTER A clasps hands with the EMIRATI MAN and pulls him into a hug. The EMIRATI MAN has beautiful cufflinks on his Kandura and we get a glimpse of his ghutra as they embrace. The EMIRATI MAN gestures for CHARACTER A to join him.

We cut to EMIRATI MAN and CHARACTER A playing a game of dominos. A Lumio machine is on the table and the players are drinking espressos. The EMIRATI MAN slaps the winning domino down on the table, the coffee splashes a little and the players clap with joy at the winning play. We see this happen in slow motion.


Scene IV: Cosmopolitan Dinner Party

set STYLE: slate with pops of bright colour

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 22.04.28.png

We hear a doorbell, then chatter and laughter and a round of ‘Hey!’ as CHARACTER A enters the party.

CHARACTER A is welcomed by his friends, we see a quick series of cool handshakes, shoulder bumps and high fives as he finds his place at the table.

Cut to the group of friends seated at a sleek, low table with a ultramodern, beautiful spread of sushi. We notice diverse characters’ hands against the dark backdrop of a slate tablescape - MALE GUEST A has arm tattoos, WOMAN GUEST A has intricate henna, and WOMAN GUEST B has big rings and lots of bracelets. CHARACTER A and the other dinner guests pick up their chopsticks and in a quick succession of stop-motion style cuts, we see the platters become empty and the table clear.

The Movenda machine appears on the table and in the next shot, a perfectly symmetrical arrangement of Americanos is on the table, one for each guest. Steam is streaming from the cups as CHARACTER A and the dinner guests reach for their coffees, all at the same time. We see this last shot in slow motion.


Scene V: Home


Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 14.34.24.png

CHARACTER A slides the key into a front door and turns it to unlock. He is home.

CHARACTER A throws his keys on his desk which is also his coffee corner. He sits in a comfy chaise lounge. He hesitates, glances at his new watch and then reaches to make one last cup before Suhoor ends. The Genio 2 pours a Flat White, and a tight shot focuses on the last drop of coffee as it falls into the cup. He pulls the cup of coffee to his chest and relaxes into the chair. We reveal CHARACTER A’s face as he smiles with satisfaction.

In the next shot, CHARACTER A puts his empty cup back on the saucer and sets it down next to the Genio 2. The sky comes to life and reveals the end of Suhoor. The Nescafé Dolce Gusto logo rises up like the sun.

The logo flips to read ‘One Ramadan, many coffee corners’.



Look + Feel

Cool, stylized aesthetic meets the warmth of celebration.

Visual Textures

Dynamic shifts between beautifully designed top shots and tight action shots create visual richness.

Clear and distinct colour palettes for each scene create playfulness.

Wardrobe + food styling and set design elements are chic and on-trend.

Focus on hands and coffee create close-up, intimate moments.

Action shots play with focus and depth of field.

Gentle camera movement creates opportunities for interesting transitions.

Clean, crisp light.

A feeling of symmetry throughout. 


Edit Style

Playful. Modern. A little cheeky.

• Split Screens

• Quick Edits

• Hands Only

• Coconut falling (vanilla bean powder in fashionista story)

• Stop Motion Style (cookie dough on sheet)

• Transitions

• Studio Colour

• Reverse Action (caramel goes down and up)

• Music Choice

• Pouring Action



  • 15x 10sec


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