Hartwick Creative

Hartwick Creative Headquarters.




Our world view and work style come together at our off-grid creative space. We are constantly innovating, out there on the leading edge of technology and sustainability. We live simply and care deeply.

We adapt to a constantly changing media industry by streamlining our process and staying agile. We work across media platforms and create thoughtful narratives to deepen global discussions. We love our work.

We experience huge contrast and expand our knowledge of diverse practices on a daily basis.

We invent our future.



In 2008, Daryl and I bought remote ranchland in British Columbia, Canada. Between assignments abroad, we've built a simple log cabin and used new and emerging technology to create a modern, sustainable, off-grid homestead.

Our cabin and office are powered by a series of 6 solar panels and 8 batteries. We have wood heat and seasonal gravity-fed spring water. We collect drinking water from a glacier creek. The closest supermarket is a 3 hour drive, so our garden and root cellar are key amenities.

High speed broadband internet reaches our cabin through a series of mountaintop towers and repeaters, running completely from wind and solar energy. Connectivity has changed the game.

The contrast of a highly mobile, international career and building our own home deep in the wilderness has created a rich life and work experience. We are able to write and create global projects from our nature-based headquarters without the pressure of large overheads.

This is modern, creative living.