Hartwick Creative

At the crossroads of globalization + localization.

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What we do.

Hartwick Creative designs and delivers campaigns and branded partnerships, image libraries, documentaries, education initiatives and lecture series for some of the world's leading brands. 

Our work and lifestyle have merged together and led us to nearly every continent. We've lived in New York, Paris, Dubai, and Mumbai using each of these thriving centres as a jump off point to explore the richness of cultures on our planet - urban, rural, ancient and brand new.


As we see it, our planet is teeming with stories of opportunity and creativity, human connectedness and shared experience.


Storytelling from the leading edge.

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Our Work. 

Develop | Design | Direct | Produce | Shoot

We are more connected than ever before. As technology extends its reach, the world is witnessing exponential growth of international trade, ideas, and culture.

Hartwick Creative brings insight, analysis and innovation to tell these stories in compelling ways.


Projects in Development.


Bright Ideas.

Compelling stories have the potential to change society and the world, shifting mainstream perceptions on values, ideas, and ethnicities.

Hartwick Creative designs narratives about transformational change, sustainable growth, and the beauty of our shared human experience. We bring together leading brands with real world stories to shine a light on progress and collaboration.

Our work is to create thoughtful context and shape a positive narrative in a polarized world.


A local HQ with global impact.


Hartwick Creative Off-Grid Headquarters


Connectivity has changed our game. Our work style and world view have come together at our off-grid creative space.


The value of authentic content.


Let’s Be Real.

The way we see ourselves portrayed in media affects our vision of what is possible and our place in the world. Mainstream perceptions are based on the subtle messaging that comes at us through all media platforms, forming our views on ourselves and others.

As brands and ideas extend their reach across the globe, a more diverse and realistic reflection of our world can emerge.

Authentic content reflects the complexities of a dynamic world.


Sustainable Development Goals.


Impactful Storytelling

Many of our projects express the intentions defined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our genuine desire to promote progress is naturally connected to the challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.